Welcome Word from Minister of Transport & Communication
Friday December 14, 2018




Ministry of Transport & Communication

Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

José Agostinho da Silva


Head Office
Rua Avenida Bispo de Medeiros, Nº 8, Mercado Lama, Dili, Timor-Leste
Telephone : (+670) 3339355/53
Website : http://moptc.gov.tl/

 The Ministry of Transport and Communications is the central body of the Government responsible for the design, implementation, coordination and evaluation of the policy defined and approved by the Council of Ministers, for the areas of civil land, sea and air transportation and auxiliary services, communications, including postal, telegraphic and phone services, and other telecommunications, meteorological services and information technology.

Therefore, it is upon the Minister for Transport and Communications to: propose the policy and elaborate the regulation drafts necessary to his areas of responsibility; ensure the implementation and enforcement of the legal and regulatory framework for the activities related to the ministry; prepare and develop, in cooperation with other public services the implementation of the road plan for the national territory; develop and regulate communications activity and optimize the communication structures; ensure the coordination of the transport sector and stimulate the complimentarily between its various modes, as well as its competitiveness, in order to a better customer satisfaction; promote the management, as well as the adoption of technical and regulation standards, concerning the public use of communication services; ensure the provision of public telecommunications services and the use of airwaves through public entities or the granting of public service delivery to private entities; maintain and develop the national information and  monitoring systems of meteorological and seismological activity, including the construction and maintenance of infrastructure; manage the information technology system of the Government and ensure the provision of its services as well as implement IT systems across the country; promote and coordinate scientific research and technological development in  the fields of land, air and maritime civil transportation and coordinate and promote the management, maintenance and the modernization of infrastructures: airports, aerial navigation, roads, ports and connected services.

Under the responsibility and oversight of the Ministry of Transport and Communications are: the Port Administration of Timor-Leste; the Civil Aviation Authority of Timor-Leste; the Aerial Navigation and Airports of Timor-Leste, and the National Communications Authority.

The Minister for Transport and Communications is assisted by the Vice Minister for Transport and Communications.




- Hon. Gastão de Sousa

, Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications