Office of Inspection and Audit
Friday December 14, 2018




Ministry of Transport & Communication

Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

José Agostinho da Silva


Head Office
Rua Avenida Bispo de Medeiros, Nº 8, Mercado Lama, Dili, Timor-Leste
Telephone : (+670) 3339355/53
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Article 17. º

Inspection and Audit

1.      The Office of Inspection and Audit, hereinafter referred to as by GIA, is responsible for inspection and audit of autonomous under the tutelage and supervision of MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS central agencies and services.

2.      In its inspection activity, the GIA has the following tasks:

a)      Assess and supervise the administrative, financial and asset management services MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS;

b)      Establish, instruct and develop administrative processes of investigation and inquiries to central services MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS;

c)      Suggest reasons so the higher competent authority proceedings to impose penalties disciplines nares against officials and employees of MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS whenever violations are the general and special duties of public office detected;

d)     Propose a reasoned manner to conduct internal or external audits to other entities, pursuant to applicable law, and to make contributions to the competent prosecution services and the Anti-Corruption Commission where it takes knowledge of behaviors that could configure illicit criminal;

e)      Any other duties assigned by law.

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