National Directorate of Sea Transportation
Friday December 14, 2018




Ministry of Transport & Communication

Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

José Agostinho da Silva


Head Office
Rua Avenida Bispo de Medeiros, Nº 8, Mercado Lama, Dili, Timor-Leste
Telephone : (+670) 3339355/53
Website :

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National Directorate of Sea Transportation

      The mind-shortened National Directorate of Sea Transportation, appointed by NATIONAL DIRECTORATE OF SHIPPING, perform the following tasks:


a)      Develop the legal and regulatory framework the shipping industry, including the technical rules of safety that must be observed in the transport of passengers and goods and support the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS for international rules are adopted under domestic law this area;

b)      Develop, in collaboration with other departments and entities, the necessary rules to the maritime transport sector, particularly on maritime search and rescue, global warning system and maritime safety and security of ships and ports systems in compliance with international standards International Maritime Organization (IMO) which East Timor is a member;

c)      certify and inspect ships and other vessels, as well as licensing seafarers in accordance with applicable law;

d)     Develop, in collaboration with other services and relevant public bodies, including the Ministry of Foreign Studies Business and prepare proposals for technical cooperation with international organizations and agencies in the sector of maritime transport to be approved superiorly;

e)      Develop, in collaboration with other departments and entities, plans for education and training in the maritime and port sector;

f)       Create and develop and manage, in collaboration with other services and competent public authorities, the International and National Registration of ships and other vessels in legal terms;

g)      Comply with and enforce the laws, regulations and other legal provisions relating to the maritime sector;

h)      Any other duties assigned by law.

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